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Regulatory Intelligence

Delivering regulatory insight across the regulatory portfolio

We support you in tracking the status of each regulatory theme as it passes through the full lifecycle of regulatory change, or just certain specific steps (e.g. impact assessment). Additionally, we simplify the tracking of budget and resource impacts, as well as the changes each will bring to your business (people, process, tooling, data, etc.). We provide Regulatory Intelligence as a Service (RISe) in a fully customizable and extendable manner in order to provide you the insight you require. Once established, we ensure overviews are updated efficiently each month giving you a lean, modular approach that saves you time.
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Regulatory Acceleration

Introducing automation into your complex impact assessment process

Breaking the “re-learn” cycle (where lessons are encountered anew for each regulatory change) is essential to cope with the increasingly complex horizon of regulations. We help you store impact assessments in a structured data model. This allows us to monitor granular regulatory requirement patterns at each stage of maturity and to pattern-match future regulatory requirements with impact learnings to quickly estimate areas of change. We understand the need to find dependencies between changes across the different regulatory levels, and can quickly map this to your regulatory reporting requirements.

Regulatory Data as an Asset 

Leverage the results of your regulatory effort, by turning regulatory insight into propositions 

We assist you in leveraging your existing regulatory insight and impact assessment knowledge, by matching this to generic customer profiles. This allows you to assist your FI (Financial Institution) clients by providing general direction and guidance in assessing upcoming regulatory impacts. Providing this value-add service to existing clients can help them stay compliant.
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Regulatory Innovation

Delivering bespoke regulatory innovation

With our unique blend of data management and management consulting expertise, we can turn any raw information into insight.
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