Our approach

How does ACT achieve predictability and control in the world of RegTech? 

We are focused on helping our clients gain control and insight across the entire regulatory change lifecycle, by providing integrated intelligence to support earlier decision making.

1. Identify Regulations

We visualise existing horizon scanning information together with additional tracking to show ownership and handover status (to internal programmes)

2. Assess Requirements & Integrated Impact

We bring critical summary information to the reader, showing the relative impact of each regulatory theme by type (e.g. impact on resources, systems, data and processes, as well as headcount and cost impacts for each theme.

3. Strategise & (Re)Set Regulatory Map

We use our services to highlight synergies between regulatory themes and their underlying initiatives, helping to group work logically as well as providing valuable dependency information for roadmap communication.

4. Assure Fit-For-Purpose Solution - Data & Architecture

We illustrate the target maturity for each regulatory theme vs their current state, as well as breaking the staffing and cost investments required to achieve tactical and structural compliance.

5. Setup Program Plan(s) Using Scaled Agile

We track the planning maturity to show where your requirements are weakest – for each regulatory theme or combination of themes.

6. Deliver & Implement Capabilities

We provide an overarching index of cost and schedule performance, to provide leading indicators of performance

7. Monitor & Prove Compliance

Often the delivery progress does not equate to compliance progress. We track the status of control points defined vs implemented, giving an at a glance status across all regulatory themes.

No matter how the regulatory universe of companies and solutions changes over time, those in charge have key, timeless questions:

  • Where do we stand today?
  • Do we have an effective plan?
  • Are we going to hit our targets?

At ACT we use RegTech to enhance our client’s regulatory intelligence by improving the transparency and consistency of steering indicators – across the entire regulatory change lifecycle.

Human + Data = Insight

Unlike many solutions promising “plug and play” implementation, we understand that obtaining regulatory intelligence is not a copy-and-paste affair. Data is nuanced, and you cannot remove the human from the process. By ensuring that we use skilled consultants to collect the base information, we avoid the “garbage in, garbage out” end state that characterises so many other solutions. We take as much care with your data as you do.

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