About us

ACT is part of ACE + Company. Within this corporate family we have ACE Management Consulting, Atomic Interim Professionals and ACT RegTech Solutions. Together we aim to leverage pockets of capabilities and expertise across our brands. 

We structure our knowledge into expert affinity groups, within which we strive to build expertise throughout ACE + Company, allowing for creating methodologies, relevant case studies and to perform market research.

As we have many years of experience at board- and near board level with our clients in the financial sector we understand their needs and challenges. Within ACT we address these needs in a creative and innovative way by leveraging RegTech to create Regulatory Intelligence. 

Our Carbon Offset

Sustainability plays a major role in the advisory work we do for our clients. We consult on sustainability-related regulation, strategy, and climate risk management. Through our clients, ACE’s limited size and influence can be leveraged to have maximum impact on the world around us. However, despite our size, we still leave a footprint on our environment by using goods and energy, and traveling to our office and clients. ACE estimates it’s carbon footprint to be around 27 tonnes of CO2-equivalent on a yearly basis. This included our scope 1 and 2 direct emissions, and our scope 3 indirect emissions. To minimize the impact that ACE has on our planet, we offset the entirety of these emissions via Gold Standard certified carbon offsets.

In 2023, ACE purchased 27 Verified Emissions Reductions to save 27 tonnes of CO2-equivalent from being released into the atmosphere, offsetting our entire 2022 emissions.