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We focus on helping our clients in three distinct ways:

1. Turning data into regulatory Intelligence 

Through our existing (or custom-developed) dashboards, we capture and visualise the status of your regulatory programs. Views are either holistic (with aggregated, linked insight), drilled-through (into the underlying themes and initiatives) or by specific processes within the regulatory change lifecycle (e.g. impact assessment, planning, compliance status etc). We focus on critical data points only, visually presenting information to you in a concise and easy-to-understand way. It gives insight across your regulatory lifecycle in a series of interactive, linked, and data-driven dashboards every month. Best of all, we provide this as a service called RISe (Regulatory Intelligence as a Service) – because we understand that sometimes you just want something delivered for you, with no fuss.

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Alongside the executive oversight provided by RISe, we know it can be challenging to see how underlying projects, systems, architectural components, and data clusters need to combine over time to support the regulatory deadlines. To help, we’ve developed a next-level Regulatory Roadmap (Reg Roadmap 2.0), which links your high level regulatory milestones with detailed architectural and data components. This way, you can easily see which systems and components need to be in place to support programs and ensure deadlines are met. The best part? It does all this and shows it to you in a visual, user-friendly way that all comes together to ultimately help you make informed choices.  

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2. Optimising portfolio monitoring and reporting 

We understand the pressure placed on delivery teams to respond to regulatory changes (planned and out-of-cycle). Portfolio managers find their time split between organising their teams, working out where the white spaces are, and reporting progress. This takes precious time away from their key resources, is manually intensive, and is never as data-driven as desired – nor is the insight as deep as it should be.

At ACT we employ Regulatory Technology to leverage existing data inputs (structured or unstructured) required for this portfolio oversight. We automate the creation of progress reports, and provide an analytic layer to enable trend-based monitoring. This ensures the data is living,  growing only more valuable over time.

Our real-world experience with the varied sources (and maturity) required to deliver the above insight, allows us gather the key information systematically, or via expert approaches. As we do so, we are also able to highlight data quality issues, and feed these back to our clients and their continuous improvement programmes. In doing so we build sustainable value within our clients – and that makes us happy!

While ACT’s standard approach provides an iterative and agile introduction of the above (modular) capability, we also love customising and adapting towards specific client needs. If these issues resonate, let us help improve your decision making in an efficient, data-driven way!

3. Innovative, bespoke solutions 

While we’re excited about our own roadmap of services that we’ll be developing in 2021, we also love developing bespoke solutions for our clients. 

If you have a specific challenge or goal that touches the regulatory lifecycle, we can work with you to deliver the right-sized solution. Whether this is bringing together complex information and presenting it in a maintainable, understandable fashion, or optimising inefficient data gathering and reporting processes, we want to help, and help quickly.

Need something different? Reach out to us – we are happy to customise an approach and solution to meet your exact needs.

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Nick Prince Managing Director ACT Regtech Solutions